Top Online Income Streams For 2021

Virtually everyone will agree that last year, 2020, wasn’t too good a year.

It started with the pandemic that caused millions of families to either perish all together or lose a loved one and as more time passed with the pandemic ravaging every nation, things only got worse: from the crashing of the economy of all countries, to mass unemployment, to (violent) protests springing up from different parts of the world and so on.

Even when we were expectant of things getting better in the latter weeks of the year with the introduction of the vaccine, the virus mutated, took new strains — much more deadly than the former and now, we are certain the virus is here to stay, and with it comes its negative impacts which we might not have seen the worst of meaning we are to brace ourselves for what is to come.

One of the most important preparations that’ll help us a long way and can’t be overemphasized is financially as it helps us cater for both our basic human needs and wants to keep us (and our family) happy for as long as the virus lasts. But with the lockdown, restrictions, social distancing and other impediments on our paths, getting prepared to take on the new year financially just got a lot trickier and that’s why many, many people have resolved to making money online.

Yes, it is okay to be skeptical about making money online as there are a lot of ponzi schemes, shams and fraudsters, but that same reason is why we have gathered reliable ways of making money online and have brought them here, making them accessible with just the swipes of fingers .

Let’s dive right into them. Good luck with finding the method that suits you the most!

1. Become a Writer: With all certainty, I can tell you there is a developing interest in awesome books that readers can escape into especially during this phase when the pandemic’s mortality is on the rise.

Writing such books is the work of creative writers. As a (creative) writer, there are openings to write either e-books and put them for sale on the likes of Amazon Kindle, E-junkie and so on, or write for Dreame, GoodNovel (which I highly recommend), Sofanovel and many others, too.

If you believe creative writing is your thing, keep it at the back of your mind that the secret to flourishing as a writer is to be an expert in a genre instead of being a generalist.

2. Start a podcast: The climb of audio content as a workable content merchandising avenue is stronger than ever. A little less than half of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis — that’s a lot.

By introducing your own podcast, you create your own shows based on topics you find amusing, establish an audience, and monetize your podcast with promotions.

3. Be a translator: To be a translator, that is, writing sentences — or articles in a different language but keeping its meaning intact, you need to be at least, bilingual. Before you can become the translator for a company, you will have to show proof of your ability to translate. Language degrees will go a long way with that.

4. Becoming an online tutor: You can make a lot of money online by being an online tutor. Just like being a translator, you must have a very good knowledge of what you’re teaching. While students studying the science and math tend to have a higher demand for tutors, you’ll find English popular among international students. If you’re an expert on a topic most people find difficult, tutoring is the right path to follow this year.

5. Make YouTube videos: The secret to making money on YouTube is to create content people will love that either educates or entertains, and finding the right audience, too.

Tips on attracting people to your channel include using a witty headline to allure people to watch. You can also use keywords that are optimized for YouTube search. Once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers, you can officially monetize your channel with YouTube adverts.

All being said and done, I wish you a great 2021 filled with financial independence!

Writer & Entrepreneur. Just living my best life and hopefully providing content you all enjoy!

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